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Logicom Distribution Named Cisco EMEAR Distributor of the Year for Digital Marketing

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Logicom, the leading regional distributor of Technology Solutions and Services, was awarded the prestigious Cisco EMEAR Distributor of the Year for Digital Marketing award for 2017, during the Cisco Disti Live 2018 event in Barcelona.

The award is in recognition of Logicom Distribution’s overarching digital marketing strategy, which has continued to develop over the past few years, and its close alignment with the company’s Cisco business objectives and priorities. This, along with a long-term vision of leveraging a full Marketing toolset to support the growth goals of the company, has contributed to increasing success throughout Logicom’s regional Cisco business operations.

Logicom’s digital marketing strategy is complemented by a robust awareness to partners regarding the capabilities of Cisco products and solutions. This has been promoted through a complete utilization of social media channels and traditional communication marketing tools to create targeted promotional campaigns and engaging video content that appeals to and engages partners. 

The consistent guidance and support received from Logicom’s Cisco associates continues to add value and influence the company’s successful endeavors, assisting in capturing business opportunities which derive from an extended focus on digital marketing.

This prestigious award was announced by Julie Hens, Cisco VP of Global Distribution Sales, Philip Wright, Cisco Senior Director, and John Donovan, Cisco EMEAR COO.

Commenting on the award, Michael Papaeracleous, Executive Director of Logicom Distribution, said: “We are very happy for this great recognition of our work to enhance our digital footprint; it is a great endorsement of the creativity we’ve seen come from our teams in the past year. The award supports our efforts to continue activities and investments in this area.”

Hosted on January 29th 2018, Disti Live is a unique Cisco Distribution Partner event with an audience of over 300 from across EMEAR. This event is designed for Cisco Senior Executives & Business Leaders to position & share Cisco's technology vision, innovation, market leadership & strategy in Security, Software, Collaboration and Enterprise Networking, as well as highlight and reward exceptional performance from its regional Distributors.

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